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Welcome to My Blog!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Hello Fellow Readers,

Welcome to my blog site! I am very excited to begin writing about the things that go on in the therapy world that affect us in our daily life. I wish to share with you some insight and education on the struggles in life that we all face.

Whether they are big or small, short term or chronic, life has a way of handing us some unexpected journeys. I will to be here for you and help guide you through even the most challenging hardships.

A little blurb about myself…

I live in North Houston with my husband, our daughter, and the cutest dog in the world. I

know, I’m biased. I love to travel and take pictures, and do artwork in my spare time. I am also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer on the side and am always finding something active to do. I love being involved with the connection between nutrition, health, and mental well-being.

This is Freckles. We love to go on runs together and spend time at

the dog park. She is an Australian Shepherd and we adore her.

I encourage you to follow my blog posts, ask questions, and let me into your life as a way to help restore balance and happiness. I look forward to hearing from you. Talk to you soon!

Katie Porter, M.A., LPC 832-298-6356

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